Sunday, October 12, 2008


Sorry it has been a while since I blogged my site. I have been on a little break, for the most part I have had to withdraw most of my bankroll to Pay Bills. My house in Florida ( On the Market for Over 2 1/2 years now ) is draining me. It may take me to the first of the year before I'm back to the online Poker Tables. My mind just is not on Playing Poker at the moment. With three out of my four children and my wife all having birthdays in the last quarter of the year plus Christmas just around the corner ( hopefully you see my point ) Its been all I can do to stay above the water. Juggling two houses and a family of 6 is expensive. Anyways I would not count on seeing anything big from me for a few more months. I hope all is going well for my readers. It looks like my Fast Track has Derailed the Track for a bit.