Saturday, July 26, 2008


I can finally watch a new episode of Poker. I'm sure most of you are aware that this past Tuesday a new episode for 2008 WSOP has been aired. Like most of you for the next 17 Weeks at 8PM I will have my TV set to ESPN. I had a great poker run this morning and added another chunk of change to my Bankroll. I stuck to my plan played and played a HU Game and two STT Games all at my $50 Buy In Level, winning the HU Game and placing in the money in both STT Games. I also picked up a book "How To Beat Sit & Go Poker" which I found very interesting. I found that alot of my strategies that I play are also in this book. I did get a great deal of advise when you make it to the finally four and your chip leader. Total Power Poker and it works. Anyways I'm getting ready to take the family out to the Park so I don't think I will be playing anymore Poker Today. Until next time keep it on the Fast Track.

Friday, July 25, 2008


I'm looking forward to a nice relaxing weekend. This week at work has been a really hectic week and I'm glad it's over. My play over the last few days has added a few more dollars to my Bankroll. I played mostly STT Games along with a few HU Games all at my $50 Buy In Level. However the best action was at my 2 Sessions at the $2 / $4 table, both games I bought in with $100 and I doubled my money within 40 Hands at each table which took only about 20 minutes. Pocket A's at one table and A Q which paired at the other. Other than Poker our New Addition to the family(Our 4th Child) had his 2 month checkup and all is well with him, as a matter of fact he is in the 90% Range for his age! All good news from here. I'm not sure how much Poker I will play this weekend but I will surly Blog it as I go. Catch you next time on the Fast Track!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Sorry Its been a few days since I've had the energy to Log my thoughts. I have gone the wrong direction over the last week. Not that I have lost my Bankroll or anything that I can't recover from but it's still in the wrong direction. This is why I must stick to my game plan and continue my Buy In Level in which my Bankroll can support. Not that all has been bad I did manage to take another Paycheck out. I'm not sure what direction I need to take. It appears my Hourly Rate is at its peak when I play $2/$4 Ring Games. I have set a limit of $100 Buy In when I play at this Level and if I lose it I'm done, so far this has Paid Off. I have played a few MTT's at a $24 Buy In and placed money in one of them, not much but at least I held out to hit the cash. I will probably stick to Heads Up Play tomorrow along with my STT's Games. See ya on the Fast Track and hopefully I will have better Results!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


The Final Table line up has been set for the 2008 WSOP Main Event which will play out Live in November. The 9 lucky players will have four months to prepare for battle in which all of the Poker World will be watching. Who will join forces and train with a Pro, who and what kind of deals will be made on the side. This is going to be Big for the Poker Industry itself and I can't wait to see how it plays out. Anyways Good Luck to the Final Nine. As far as my play today I pretty much broke about even, well I did add a whole $4 to my Bankroll. Before you leave check out picture below for the November Nine Players and I will see you next time on the Fast Track!

Monday, July 14, 2008


I only played for about an hour tonight. I jumped into two $50 STT's and placed in the Money in both of them. I placed 1st for $225 in one and 3rd in the other for $90. At the same time I keep refreshing my web page and reading who is still left in the Main Event of the 2008 WSOP. At this time there are only 16 Players Left, can you imagine 16 Players away from 1st Place and $9,119,517! The final nine will be superstars just from the way this years final table will play out live 4 Months from now. Anyway I get a rush just reading the online live blog. So I end my blog tonight dreaming of one day playing in the Main Event Myself but for now I'll take the other $205 I just added to my Bankroll. Life just couldn't be any better! See below for the chip count for the remaining 16 Players. Catch me next time on the Fast Track!

Sunday, July 13, 2008


My weekend play is now over and I'm still on a winning streak. I played a few Heads Up Games at my $50 Buy In Levels and did OK but most of my wins came from STT Games. Even at this Level of Buy In's I'm finding alot of fish in the pond. For the most part in a STT Game I'm just laying back, keeping my cool and being very patient, people just knock each other out and soon its just the top three left and your in the Money. Not that I'm trying to cash out all my winnings but I did also decide to cash out another paycheck today in the amount $420 and with my winnings today that still keeps my Bankroll over $3000.00, which is really at the minimum where I want it to be. I'm also not moving up any Levels of Buy In's simply because Full Tilt goes from $50 Buy In's to $100 Buy In's at both Heads Up Play and their STT Games, correction they do have a $80 Heads Up Game but no $80 STT Game. Anyways I'm playing really good at this Level so why push it right now. Lets see how much money I can make over the next few months before I change anything. Keep on the Fast Track with me!

Saturday, July 12, 2008


I just finished playing three $50 STT and placed in the money in all three! I had some great hands and read my opponents very well. I added another $240.10 to my growing Bankroll which is now at $3349.50. Considering I just cut my self a Paycheck that's not bad at all, as a matter of fact if I continue at this rate I will have my next weeks $400 Paycheck by Monday Morning. I just heard from a buddy tonight who happen to just finish up playing some Live Poker. He started with $100 and 4 Hours later had worked it up to around $270.00 only to lose it all when a Donk stayed in with Pocket 6's against my buddies Pocket K's. He played it well in my opinion short of pushing all in after the flop. He made a good size pre flop raise and was called. The flop came 2,9,7 and he made another strong continuation bet and the Donk called again. The turn card brought a Q, nothing to scare my buddy off and he fired again pushing all in. The Donkey called and yes you know the rest of the storey he hits his 6 on the river sending my buddy home for the night, that Sucks! Anyways my online deal is going great! Until next time check out my Chart. See you on the Fast Track!

Thursday, July 10, 2008


OK I figure its about time I pay myself a little for my hard work. I have played well the last 2 days and added another $302.50 to my Bankroll bringing my total Bankroll to $3509.40. Its been 36 days since I started this project and so far all has gone well and my plan has worked. I have put together a plan to take out weekly paychecks in the amount of $400 a week starting today! If I continue to play at my current Buy In amount of $50 and be up at the minimal of 7 games or wins at the end of the week, I should be OK with a $400 a Week Payday and still never go under $3000.00 in my Bankroll which will still keep me over 50 times my current Buy In Level! Hopefully my Paychecks will keep rolling in and my Bankroll will keep on a growing in my Fast Track Poker Plan. Until next time keep it on the Fast Track!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


I played a few Heads Up Games today at my Current $50 Buy In Level and one STT at my current Buy In Level. I did very well at heads up play and in my STT very early into the game I lost about half my chips when my Pocket Q's did not hold up against A K. I knew I needed to set back, relax and let a few players knock one another out and wait until I had the cards and play it smart extracting as many chips as possible to rebuild my stack. I folded almost every hand including when I was small blind with no cards worth playing. Pretty soon I had regained my chips and it was down to the final 4 of us. I won 3 straight hands in a row and in the process knocked out a player. Now it was the final 3 and we were all in the money. The Chip Leader had twice as many chips as me and the other player. I again decided to be Patient and wait until I had the cards to back me up and then play smart as to extract as many chips as possible. Before long the Chip Leader had grinded the other guy down to nothing, for the most part because he was sticking in and calling in hopes to hit his cards. This did not do so well for him and it moved me up another pay scale and left me heads up with this guy who had 3 times as many chips as I did. By this time he knew I was a tight player and I used this as a tool to work against him. I started out Heads Up Play folding almost every hand and when I did have a good hand and pushed him into folding I showed him my cards which in turn left his mind thinking if I play I must have the goods to back me up. I bluffed nearly 80% of the time the rest of the game and the other 20% of the times when he called I did indeed have the goods! I soon had the chip Lead which must have sent him over the edge and into Tilt and then I continued grinded him and out of the game. I picked up the 1st place win and collected $235 in the process. I ended the day up adding another $290.00 to my growing Bankroll!

Monday, July 7, 2008


So I have played a little over a month now and decided to look at my Hourly Profit by # of Tables Played. I can see that I do best when I keep my multi-tabling down to under 3 games at once. Anymore then 3 games and I guess I put my self in Tilt. So for the time being I will keep it to no more 2 games at once. Since my last blog I have added another $127.00 to my Bankroll playing Heads Up and $1 / $2 NL Ring Games. My plan is to get my Bankroll up to $3000.00 then I will move on to the next Level of $60 Buy In's. I'm also going to figure on a weekly Paycheck for all my hard work with out touching my overall Bankroll Amount, more on that at a later date and time. For now let me get over the $3000.00 Hump. Until next time keep it on the Fast Track with me!

Saturday, July 5, 2008


OK so I just had to come back from watching the fireworks and play some more Poker. I had not planed on it but you know, things happen. Anyways I love the new Level. I played some good solid players and lost a few and won a few. At the same time I jumped into a $1/$2 NL Ring game and did great there as well. I managed to add another $182.20 to my Bankroll. I also had a great hand were I had pocket Q's, I raised pre flop to $7 Dollars and got a caller. The flop went 5 10 8 a great flop for me. I was first to act and checked only to have my opponent bet $20, which is exactly what I was hoping he would do. I thought for a few seconds and then went all in, he only had another $40 Dollars or so and called me right away. He flipped his cards over and was holding A 10. The turn brought another 5 and the river a 5 as well, giving me a full house and the win. I'm definitely on the Fast Track Now!

Friday, July 4, 2008


I won't play much today. I just jumped on Full Tilt real quick and made another $100. I'm getting ready to take the family out for dinner and find a nice spot to watch the fireworks. When I start my next Sessions they will be at my New Level of play which is $50 Buy In's. Thirty Days ago I started this plan and my Bankroll was $600.45 and now its at $2576.55 which is a increase of 330%! Givin I had to stay at low levels of play until I could move up to the next Level always keeping my Bankroll at 50 times my Buy In Level I think this is a great accomplishment. Ok I'm leaving for tonight. Have a Great 4th of July and rember to keep it on the Fast Track!

Thursday, July 3, 2008


I just finished player poker for tonight. I'm about to pass out from being up almost 23 straight hours now. As soon as I came home from work I started to play poker and here it is 9 hours later and I'm sharing my dazed thoughts with you guys. I'm thinking why did I not put this plan together sooner in my life. Poker really is about playing well and most important Bankroll Management. When I stick to my plan it all goes well for me. I'm ending tonight up another $599.50, my best daily gain so far. OK enough with me blah blah blah, I'm going to bed. Keep it on the Fast Track!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Its been ruff the last few days. I got off of my plan just a little and skipped up to the next level and my bankroll went the wrong way. I was not focused and played like I was at a Blackjack Table, trying to get it back once I was down. Anyways at one point my Bankroll went down to just a little over $1400. I took some time off and cleared my mind because I was not focused on the game, only the cash. I came back with a clear mind and jumped right back into my Level of play. I managed to win most of what I played today and brought my Bankroll back up to its all time high of $1882.90. I have yet learned another good lesson and that is not to deviate from my plan. I will stick to my current Level and not get crazy and try to skip up the levels when my Bankroll is not ready!

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