Thursday, January 14, 2010


After 44 Games and 3 Days of Play on this Plan I'm at a wash minus the buy in Fees so I am actually down $88.00. It is what it is! I'm hoping tomorrow brings a better day :)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I did not have any issues today and managed to play 15 games winning 9 of them hitting my Daily Win Rate of 60%. I will hit it again tomorrow just as hard. The Fast Track is Back Up and Running Full Speed Ahead!

Monday, January 11, 2010


I made my 1st Trial Run Today and ran into a few issues. I Played 12 Games as planned but I lost Connection as I was playing 4 at a time and could not get logged back in. I did manage to place in the money 6 out of the 12 Games for a loss of only $24. I have a good back up plan should I lose signal again. Anyways a little slow for the month and start but I plan on putting in some serious hours tomorrow. Enough for now I'm tired! Stay on the Track with me.

Sunday, January 3, 2010


Wow it's 2010! Already another year has come and gone and I can't wait to begin to push my Poker Play and Bankroll to a Whole New Level. Over the last few months I have really been doing well at Poker Stars. I have placed in the money in a few nice sized tournaments and I have really done well grinding it out at the 10 Player Sit n Go Double or Nothing Games. As a matter of fact I am placing in the money almost 55% of the time. So with that being said I plan on taking my profits for the last quarter of 2009 and buying in at a High Level of $52 Per Game to win $100 making a profit of $48 a game. OK so here is the basic plans I have in mind. I play these games Mon - Fri Playing 12 Games Per Day to start out with. If I can average a win Rate of of between 60% - 70% of the time I should make profit around $4000 Per Month. The Key to making money in these games is the volumes you play. To keep it simple I must cash in 8 out of the 12 Games I Play Per Day to make the high end pay scale of a $4,000 Per Month Profit! As far as the weekends go I will not play at all on Saturdays but I will Buy into the big MTT's on Sundays. OK enough for now. Please stay in touch with me as I really turn The Fast Track Poker Plan up to full throttle! Happy New Year!!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

I'm Back

Well I'm back blogging. It has been some time and I'm sorry I have left you all in the dark for so long. I have still been playing poker however I have changed gears a little. I'm now mostly playing at PokerStars and I'm playing mostly Double or Nothing Games. I'm doing pretty good with a 54% Win Rate. I will bring you all up to speed over the next few days and get my details posted to my blog. Yea its good to be back on the Fast Track!

Sunday, December 7, 2008


I have plans two play in two different tourney's today. The first was a small warm up tourney with a $1 Buy In, 609 Players played and I managed to place 19th and in the money. My next was the same big tourney I played in last week ( The Double Deuce ). Again another 7000 people have put up $22 for a total prize pool of $140,000 with 1st place paying $27,232.80! We are currently into the game for about 50 minutes now and I have added to my 2200 starting chip count to 4922 and rank 771 of 4989 players still left. I will update my play and rank as the game goes on. Wish me luck. Ok so I'm feeling like tonight is the nite so I'm going to enter another big tourney ( $21,000 Guarantee ) 1705 players playing with a total prize pool of $40,920with 1st place paying $8,429.52. I will update you on this tourney as well. Ok I'm on my 2nd break in the Double Deuce and I'm doing pretty good. I had a great hand when my Pocket A's improved to a full boat and doubled me up. Right now I stand 554 of 2485 Players Left.

My Dreams of taking down the Daily Double just ended. I had set over set and mine fell short. Anyways I didn't do as well as I did last week nor did I make the money this week placing just under 1000. I'm still going strong in the other tourney ranked 223 of 561 Players Left. Hopefully I place in the $$$ in this one. Update at my next break. OK its another break and I'm still in the run. After taking a few bad hits to my stack I have managed to work my way back up to a good size stack. As it stand now I'm in the money and ranked # 69 of 144 with a stack size of 31,688 Chips. Hopefully I'm still in it during the next break. See ya in an hour! OK I have good news and bad news, i will start out with the good. During this hour I had my best hand of the day, see below pic.

Now for the bad news, I just busted out in the mid 40's. My hand was A 6 suited and I was in the big blind ( by this time the blinds were 6000 / 3000 and I was short stacked with around 25,000 chips. The play went as follows. Everyone folded down to the small blind, he called the additional 3000 chips, i check, the flop comes A 6 8 and I have two pair. He checks and I push the rest of my chips in and he calls right away flipping over k 8 for a pair, turn comes 3 helping no one and yes you guessed it the river brought another 8 sending me to the rail and winning $83.89. My only question is when will it be my time to hit the big one. See ya next Sunday!

Sunday, November 30, 2008


Came out of hiding for a little play today and had a deep run in Full Tilt's $100K Double Deuce. With a max amount of 7000 people playing in this tourney I would say I had a great run making it down to under 300 players and more then tripling my $22 Buy In. I may play this tourney again next Sunday and see if I can do a little better. Don't count on me playing a whole lot or updating my blog to much but I will jump in here and there. My plans are to start out in 2009 with a bang and get real serious about online poker. Until then see ya on the track.